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Paul is a couples counselor and workshop presenter. He works with couples to harmonize differences in communication style and intimacy style. The Enneagram is a powerful tool he uses in his work. He teaches workshops to churches on the topic of Intimacy and Sacred Relationships. https://cocreativeworkshops.com/

Celibacy Means to Love All People

God is love, and you who abide in love abide in God, and God in you.  

1 John 4:16

Years ago when I was a priest in church ministry, I was a committed celibate.  I was taught that celibacy goes far beyond not marrying.  Rather, it is a call to love everyone.  In marriage, your love for your spouse and children is your top priority; after them, you are called to love all others.  Celibate love is a call to love all people, with equal priority.         

To love deeply is to share intimacy.  That is our Christian calling.   Celibates, those who are dating, resting singles, and married persons - we are all called to intimacy with our fellow humans.  We may (and will) fall short of this mandate, but this is our goal.

Our journey with the Lord is a call to deeper intimacy, whether you are married or celibate.  As such, we abide in God, and God in us.  And that is loving deeply.  

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